Tribus345 & our philosophy for mascots – Blog

Our philosophy for mascots is simple; they must be a complete character with a strong personality and an engaging story.
Tribus345 specialises in creating strong, engaging mascots for organisations.

It is absolutely crucial that a mascot is not just a person in a onesie. We create a back story for the character that resonates with the organisation represented and embodies their values and attributes.

borobi wally and lorri the mascots

The mascot team – Working hard to bring you something amazing

The popularity of superhero movies shows the public appreciates knowing the story of a character, it helps them connect with them and that is important when the mascot is used as a communication ambassador for organisations.
We work closely with our clients to get a total understanding of their history, values, messaging, and future aspirations. A direction is then decided on what personality will best reflect these factors and the story begins. We work with these traits, values and attributes to bring the character to life visually.

mascot creation and deployment

Each has their own unique characteristics

Social media and the internet play an important part in telling the story and giving the character life and an individual tone of voice.

The mascots we create become an essential part of an organisation’s communication strategy. They can interact with the public in a much more personal and effective way than other corporate spokespeople or ambassadors.