Brand Marketing and Social Media in the Age of Covid-19 – Blog

Perhaps you, like our team are at home, working in front of our little screens. Perhaps you’re more relaxed being out of a busy office, perhaps you’re struggling with being isolated, either alone or with family. Whatever the case we’ve got you covered with some interesting articles people are putting out in this age of Covid-19.

CMO has an interesting piece titled How to manage social media during Covid-19
Beginning with the important role of social media during a pandemic and essentially ending with putting the customer first. There’s some fantastic advice within, so give it a read.

Think With Google looks at 5 principles guiding our media teams in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Covering things like the rapidly changing landscape of the marketing dynamic, to creative considerations during Covid-19, this is a great little read that comes to us from Google’s global marketing VP for media.